E un colaj de Paști pregătit de Muzeul Boijmans Van Beuningen din Rotterdam. Printre exponate, Muza adormită, un chip-”ou” în viziunea lui Brâncuși, aluzie la splendida expoziție Brâncuși pe care muzeul a organizat-o și pe care am avut șansa să o vedem!

Preiau explicațiile muzeului:

”In the center, you see ‘The three Marys at the tomb’ by Jan and Hubert van Eyck. It’s the moment where the three Maries (Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleophas and Mary Salome) go together to the grave of Christ after his burial to anoint him. When they arrive at the tomb, they see that the stone has been rolled away and an angel tells them that Christ has risen.
Also included in this collage is Brancusi’s ‘La Muse endormie’, since Brancusi is ‘the artist of the eggs’.

The other artworks (from the top right corner, counter-clockwise):
Jeff Koons, Baroque Egg with Bow (orange/magenta), 1994-2008
(detail of) Pieter Bruegel (I), The Resurrection of Christ, c. 1562
Jan van Munster, Relief with Moving Egg, 1967
(detail of) Albrecht Dürer, The Resurrection, 1512
Paul Noble, Egg, 2004
Charles Donker, Wounded Hare, 1979
(detail of) Rembrandt van Rijn, The Three Mary’s at the Tomb, c. 1656
(detail of) François Bonvin, Still life with brass kettle, 1883
Wim T. Schippers, The Eggs, 1966
Constantin Brancusi, La Muse endormie, 1910, Arthur Jerome Eddy Memorial Collection, The Art Institute of Chicago”
(Sursa foto și explicații, Muzeul Boijmans Van Beuningen din Rotterdam)